New Winery Flooring Guide

Flowcrete Uncorks Winery Flooring in New Guide

Apr 01 2015

  • Flowcrete Americas has produced a flooring guide for winery operators.
  • Inadequate drainage can lead to hygiene concerns.
  • Flowtallics range can provide a unique, hand-crafted metallic finish.

For wineries the demands of color, depth, strength and balance do not just apply to the wine, but are equally as critical when considering the floor finish and other interiors within each part of the facility.   

If not properly considered during the specification process then the complex demands that the industry’s operational activity will inflict on the floor could result in a variety of problematic failures.

To help wine producers choose a floor that hits the right notes, Flowcrete Americas has produced a guide for wineries that looks at how specialist polymer flooring systems can enhance the site’s visual impact while maintaining a safe, clean and contaminant free environment.

Many wineries still opt for uncoated concrete floors, in fact just 7% of small wineries and 8% of medium sized wineries have installed cementitious urethane floors. However concrete floors can become porous and cracked, quickly becoming sites of hazardous bacteria build up. Inadequate drainage or hard to clean surfaces in a winery can also lead to hygiene concerns and slip risks while simultaneously ruining a site’s aesthetics into the bargain.

Wine and juice spillages are a common occurrence in wineries, however if the liquid remains on the floor and ferments over time then it can become an unsightly and foul smelling blemish. At worst the bacteria could make its way onto equipment and into the wine itself, spoiling the produce.

Flowcrete Americas Managing Director, Dave McNeece, said: “The non-porous, smooth, seamless and monolithic surface of a polymer floor will create a clean and efficient working environment. The aesthetic advantage of resin systems also means that wineries can install floors that will consistently convey a high-end image.

“Flowcrete Americas’ complete package of specialist polymer and antimicrobial floor finishes has taken into account the different flooring challenges from the fermentation and storage areas to the bottling and tasting rooms.”

The new guide details how the Flowfresh range of cementitious urethane systems is ideal for the back-of-house areas. These spaces will have to cope with constant traffic, impacts from barrels, stock movement, the handling of heavy equipment as well as humid, acid-rich conditions.

Cementitious urethane floors have a range of attributes that make them highly suitable for these scenarios, this includes being hard-wearing and resistant to thermal shock, slips and moisture vapor transmission. When laid to falls and combined with drainage, curbed to prevent water pool, pitched to drains and installed in conjunction with coving a Flowfresh floor becomes a significant asset to a winery’s cleaning and maintenance regime.  

The silver-ion based antimicrobial additive Polygiene® is homogenously distributed throughout a Flowfresh floor. This means that the ISO 22196 certified solution can eliminate up to 99.9% of all bacteria on the floor.

The parts of a winery most frequented by visitors, such as the tasting lounge, need to create an engaging and inviting ambience despite the inevitable spillages, traffic and wear they will be subjected to. The wide variety of colors, designs and styles that polymer flooring solutions can be installed in means that winery owners can choose a tasting lounge floor that meets their interior design desires.

The Flowtallics range from Flowcrete Americas can provide a unique, hand-crafted metallic finish. This aesthetic helps to craft a modern and stylish appearance while the cleanability and longevity of the system means that its visual impact will impress visitors for an extended period of time.

Staying on top of all the flooring challenges across a winery facility can be a daunting task. Flowcrete Americas can not only provide an extensive amount of advice and informative material, but its comprehensive range of resin flooring products means that it can streamline the specification process, as every component can be sourced from one supplier and under one manufacturer’s warranty.

Click here to view the Flowcrete Americas guide to winery flooring!


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