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Ford Motor Company

Ford Upgrades Factory with New Flowcrete Floor

High performance flooring solutions from Flowcrete Americas were chosen by the Ford Motor Company as part of a comprehensive renovation at its large-scale Romeo Engine Plant.

The ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 standard facility in Michigan embarked on a $150 million program of upgrades to enhance its capacity. Flowcrete Americas was tasked with creating a floor area that would be able to withstand the long-term challenges posed by over 1,000 employees working on two production lines, with one 4,000-foot line producing a breath-taking 140 engines an hour.

The chemical resistant epoxy floor coating system Flowcoat OP was applied across 160,000 square feet of the main production zone. Flowcoat OP is ideal for large expanses of flooring within manufacturing facilities, as its durable nature will survive the impacts, substances, traffic, temperatures and deteriorating factors that it will inevitably be exposed to. Additionally, the seamless and impervious properties of this system facilitates a quick and effective cleaning regime.

For the spaces that would be faced with more challenging demands, 40,000 square feet of the highly durable epoxy floor mortar Flowtex (1/4”) was installed. This system has enhanced abrasion, wear, scratch and chemical resistance, making it suitable for even the most heavy-duty processing environments.

An attractive light grey was chosen for the main floor area with a darker shade used to designate forklift truck and pedestrian routes. Yellow and red line-markings were added to mark out specific spaces and to highlight key hazards.

The project was completed within the 12-week schedule. The application had to ensure compliance with the new OSHA standard on crystalline silica dust. Once laid down, the floor’s slip resistance was tested every 5,000 square feet to check that the coefficient of friction stayed within the acceptable parameters. Core samples were also taken every 25,000 square feet to confirm that the floor’s thickness and strength met the required levels.

Project Details

  • Client: Ford Motor Company
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Automotive
  • Location: Romeo, Michigan
  • Year: 2017

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